For 25 years, Ardent Sound has participated in a broad spectrum of activities, including leading or contributing to the architecture, design, development, testing, clinical evaluation, regulatory clearance, and manufacturing of a number of diagnostic and intense ultrasound transducers, systems, and software applications with GTS and other partners. Ardent supported the successful development of the Ulthera system, the first and only energy-based technology with an FDA indication for non-invasive tissue lift. Ardent Sound also developed the Actisound System, CE Marked for plantar fascia and tendon musculoskeletal treatments.

Ardent Sound is led by Peter Barthe, Ph.D., who has more than 28 years of leadership in the medical ultrasound imaging and therapy field. Ardent Sound works with numerous medical device manufacturers around the world and is the exclusive provider of development services to Guided Therapy Systems (GTS).

Over the years, Ardent Sound has developed more than 40 innovative diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound projects for some of the most recognized brands in ultrasound as well as leading universities and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). We have extensive experience in the design and commercialization of ultrasound based imaging and therapeutic systems for both the professional and consumer medical device markets.


  • Innovative ultrasound imaging, therapy, monitoring, and integrated imaging/therapy/monitoring systems design
  • Ultrasound imaging and therapy transducer design and manufacturing in single element, multiple element, and array configurations
  • Single-use and disposable treatment components
  • Acoustic transducer, acoustic field, and tissue bioeffects modeling, simulation and measurement
  • Analog, digital, mechanical, and embedded firmware and software design, from requirements specification through development, verification and validation
  • Technology transfer to partners and manufacturing sites
  • Quality and Regulatory compliance to international standards
  • Consulting, custom equipment and services