Research & Development

Proof of Concept

Transfer to Manufacturing

Regulatory Strategies

Together with and in support of our partners, we build milestone-driven development plans based on customer requirements and design specifications

We perform all design, development, fabrication and testing, including:

  • Acoustic imaging, therapy, monitoring, and imaging/therapy/monitoring systems and transducer design
  • Acoustic systems and tissue bioeffects modeling, simulation, measurement, and analysis
  • Analog, digital/FPGA, microcontroller, and embedded system design
  • Mechanical and CAD design, machining and rapid prototyping
  • Firmware / Software development
  • Verification and validation
  • Design and execute pre-clinical protocols and support clinicals
  • Create and manage regulatory strategies
  • Manage and support ISO and FDA quality system requirements
  • Support transfer to manufacturing
  • Provide custom equipment, solutions, and consulting services

As a result of this comprehensive and collaborative approach, Ardent can accelerate the time to market launch and minimizes the risk inherent to the development of a new device. This concept to market approach guides both our company and our partners toward a new level of success in medical device development.